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Letters to the editor, Aug. 20

Leftist blame game

The economy’s sputtering, jobs hard to find, wages stagnating. It’s George’s fault.

The deficit’s huge. The national debt’s “irresponsible,” “unpatriotic” (President Obama). It’s George’s fault.

Americans are divided; the family’s falling apart. It’s George’s fault.

Illegal immigrants flood the country, now juveniles too. It’s George’s fault.

Health care costs go up while health care choices go down. It’s George’s fault.

Federal bureaucracies such as the IRS, VA and EPA run amok, with freedom lost, veterans abused, electricity prices likely to surge, matching high food and gas prices. Meanwhile bureaucrats give themselves bonuses. It’s George’s fault.

The Keystone pipeline’s not built, oil and jobs lost. It’s George’s fault.

Americans die in Benghazi. Iraq, Syria, Libya and Gaza/Israel are aflame. Afghanistan’s a coming disaster. Five terrorist leaders are exchanged for one soldier, maybe a deserter. Putin rebuilds the Soviet, “evil empire.” China’s flexing its muscles. Iran builds its A-bombs. Islamic terrorist organizations get stronger. It’s all George’s fault.

George Bush? Sure, who else could possibly be at fault?

Probably only George Washington. If Washington had accepted the offer to become king of the former colonies, these headaches wouldn’t be. American leftists would now have kings and queens in power who could do anything.

Unlimited by a pesky Constitution, Bill of Rights and American tradition of liberty, leftists could just force their will on other Americans and create another leftist heaven on earth, another Soviet paradise, forced labor camps for dissidents and all.

George Washington, what a shameless moron conservative.

Lee Nahrgang,