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Letters to the editor, August 7

See the movie

My wife and I rarely go to the movies. However, we felt compelled to go see Hillary’s America. It was a very interesting and very educational film.

Every American (especially liberals, i.e., John Nance Garner) should see this movie before blindly accepting the liberal media’s spin on Hillary/Trump.

Mr. Garner’s rant on Aug. 1 is typical liberal trash. It really is a pot/kettle issue. I had to chuckle when I read Mr. Garner’s comment about The Donald and out and out lies.

The Democratic Party and specifically the Clinton family wrote the book on lying while in public office. Remember when Bill said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

I am not a huge fan of Mr. Trump, but electing Hillary as president would be a disaster of epic proportions.

One more thing: I don’t think most people in this country are opposed to immigration. I do think most people are opposed to illegal immigration. We have immigration laws in this country that our current president and the Democratic Party have arbitrarily opted to ignore.

Our open-door policy cannot end well. We have no idea who is in our country and what their intentions are. This is frightening. Go see the movie before you vote in November.

Jerel Jeanes,


Honor the Constitution

I am very appreciative of Dr. James A. Mann for his response to Ms. Caitlyn Jones’ story, “Six things I learned during Ramadan” in the July 6 DRC.

I was very concerned after reading Ms. Jones’ commentary, as I am sure many others were. I doubt that she is aware that Islam considers non-Muslims as infidels who are of no value.

Dr. Mann’s article explained several differences in Islam compared to Christians, Jews, Catholics, etc.

I am not aware of any other ideology except Islam that requires a person to convert to its beliefs, pay a special tax/penalty, or die. The eternal God, our Creator, his only son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit do not condone deliberate barbaric acts against others. After all, this is the 21st century.

Our Constitution gives us certain rights, and those coming here should honor it.

Terry Roberts,


Divisive days

We live in an interesting if not a disconcerting time — a time when the absurd trumps the rational, fallacious and spurious information is touted as factual and ignorance trumps intelligence.

It is alarming how divided our country has become. These differences have caused me great concern as to our future.

The overabundance of highly opinionated TV stations, radio stations and internet blogs on both sides have subdivided the information available to support whatever opinion one wishes to reinforce.

In taking ownership, one can then resist any educational information that disproves these opinions, however erroneous or illogical they may be. In actuality the more a person’s ideology is proven inaccurate, the tighter the individual may hold onto the chosen opinions. At this point rationality is thrown out the window and only information that reinforces these beliefs is allowed to penetrate his or her closed mind.

It is a sad connotation of the divisive times in which we live. I pine for the days of Walter Cronkite, Chet and David.

John Weber,


Interesting times

Considering the current presidential election campaign, I recall a cartoon from the Nixon-McGovern fiasco that had a person holding his head, saying “Couldn’t we just try four years without one?”

Doonesbury currently has children playing “Trump” by exchanging insulting epithets. Akin to the ancient Chinese curse, we live in interesting times.

My late uncle once was asked what he thought of a particular president and replied that, “He’s a thieving [expletive].” The questioner persisted, saying that was true, and then added, “But don’t you think he’s our kind of thieving [expletive]?”

Trump is both a product of these times and an influence on them. I ignore him because I consider that he’s on both sides of all issues, and I consider all politicians to be just saying whatever they think will get them votes.

Trump chooses to never be on the defensive, replying to everything with a counterattack. This tactic may change our culture, and not necessarily for the worse since we’re pretty bad already.

I never imagined I would be grateful for Congress as a counterweight!

Whoever gets elected will have it to contend with, though a president can sow turmoil in foreign affairs and start trade wars plus shooting ones. It looks like curtains for the old political parties.

Interesting times, indeed!

Ross Melton Jr.,