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Letters to the editor, September 16

Tax abatement woes

Denton County commissioners agreed to abate 50 percent of the ad valorem tax obligation for real and business personal property … for 10 years. (“County commissioners give Mary Kay tax deal,” Denton Record-Chronicle, Sept. 11).

First, the City Council gives a filling station (Buc-ee’s) a sales tax honey pot — also for 50 percent — for 20 years (reportedly over $8 million) to congest traffic between Lillian Miller and Chuy’s.

Now, the county commissioners give money to a cosmetics firm.

How successful have you been at getting a tax abatement? And 50 percent no less?

It has been asked before. But when will the Mouse roar?

Larry Jambor,



Dysfunctional traffic signals

Every driver who’s had the misfortune of using University Drive in the past few months has experienced the dysfunction of traffic signals. When there is major, long-term construction project, you need a change in traffic signal timing to alleviate any congestion. You expect to see that change pretty quickly.

No such thing with the signals at Elm and University and Elm and Sherman. It took many weeks for the city to reduce the University Drive westbound backup by simply adding a left-turn arrow cycle. Any government workers or officials responsible for such negligence must be worthy of firing in the eyes of the thousands of people a day who have been stuck in the needless backups.

The gridlocking issue at Elm and Sherman apparently will go through many weeks before somebody in a key position gets stuck in traffic there. Then, I expect, we’ll see some movement in whatever constipated government agency is responsible — state or local. Who knows? Maybe it’s a national government responsibility, in which case we had better resign ourselves to taking along a DVD to watch during a trip to the drugstore.

Mary Sawyer,