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Letters to the editor, January 6

Ugly fact

Most of Donald’s constant tweets must be meant to distract us. It’s like a pickpocket’s sleight of hand when he distracts you while stealing your wallet.

Open your ears and listen to what he is actually saying. Open your eyes and look at the Cabinet members he is putting in place. It is beyond comprehension that Trump still has support from the working class that will be so negatively impacted by his presidency.

Are his supporters blind and deaf?

Beside the bigoted, the xenophobic, the alt-right or the white supremacist, why would anyone have voted for Trump in the first place?

I understand a few felt disenfranchised and a few voted for Trump for no other reason than they disliked Hillary Clinton, but that is like cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. It accomplishes nothing except making for a very ugly face, and now it looks like we will have a lot of ugly-faced people walking around our soon-to-be-ugly nation.

That is a very ugly, ugly fact.

John Weber,



Highway robbery

Were Depression-era bank robber John Dillinger alive today, he could abandon approaching guarded bank buildings with gun in hand and gambling his life, for a career that is risk free and much more profitable.

He could make it in Big Pharma. The prices of medicine were outrageous last year but this year they are leaving outrageous behind and are seeking new labels. Ludicrous might suffice but highway robbery would be more descriptive of the astronomical increase in prescription medicine.

Not long ago, I tried to refill a prescription for Januvia, a medication that controls diabetes 2. I was informed the price had doubled. This month it has gone from $50 a month to $167 a month.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; the price tripled. I guess the manufacturer contributed heavily to both presidential candidates last year and is attempting to recoup at our expense.

I got on the internet and found a company in Canada that would charge me $40 plus shipping costs.

I would rather shop at home and I don’t care for the red tape, but I am willing to undergo some inconvenience for the difference in price.

It appears Big Pharma has adopted the bywords of the ancient English highwayman, “Your money or your life!”

John Nance Garner,