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Letters to the editor, January 7

Question of morality and fairness

The proposed property tax freeze should not be framed as an “envy game” or a “liberal issue.”

That type of framing is aimed at dividing voters, keeping them uninformed and steering them away from the real facts.

Denton citizens are more intelligent than to buy into such arguments.

The issue is why anyone should have to pay more taxes because affluent seniors want to get their taxes lowered. Regardless of the framing, it is but a simple logic issue. Do you believe that the tax burden on affluent seniors should be shifted to people under age 65?

Many of those who will be burdened with higher property taxes because of the tax freeze will be your children, grandchildren, family members, friends, young families with small children, young families that just purchased a house, renters who live from month to month, etc.

The question has to do with morality and fairness— things we Americans have always taken pride in.

This tax freeze falls short of accomplishing what it purportedly intends to do. It is bad legislation. Those who will benefit most are seniors with the more expensive homes. Who do you expect to benefit the most from a tax freeze — the senior with a home value of $100,000 or less, or the senior with the $250,000 home?

Denton currently has five tax exemptions for seniors — the most for any of Denton’s groups. So, why pass the tax burden from affluent seniors to everyone else?

We shouldn’t.

Prudence Sanchez,



True culprits

The DRC ran an article on Saturday’s front page about a tragic accident and subsequent lawsuit. A saddened family is suing the manufacturer of a cellphone owned by the motor vehicle operator in the tragic accident.

The saddened family claims the cellphone is the cause of the accident.

Like the car that hits a pedestrian, or a firearm used to shoot a victim, the cellphone could not have physically caused the accident. The cellphone is incapable of operating a motor vehicle, just as the firearm is incapable of firing itself.

Inanimate objects cannot cause harm without one absolute ... a human being in charge of them.

When will the blame shift to the true culprits of tragic disasters?

We people are 100 percent responsible for our actions. Only a driver drives a car (this is changing unfortunately). A soldier fires a rifle at the enemy. People are totally responsible; not the inanimate objects we use.

The fact that we use them in error is a human trait, not the fault of the manufacturer.

J. Aaron Cundall,



Big-handout proposal

If there is any doubt about who the Republican Party represents, it should be dispelled by its proposed repealing of the estate tax, which only applies to couples with estates greater than $11 million (99.8 percent of estates are not subject to the tax).

Wealthy Americans, who are now wealthier than at any time since 1929, have been able to pay this tax without major problems since its enactment 100 years ago.

Why is it now so important to repeal the tax?

Could its repeal saving the Trump family millions have anything to do with it?

The Republicans justify this big handout to our wealthiest citizens as a stimulus to economic growth because they own “small businesses,” but more than 95 percent of the time this tax applies to large real estate holdings and inherited securities, where reinvestment often has little effect on wage growth.

If this $269 billion tax cut over 10 years was instead collected as estate tax and spent on job training and infrastructure, middle class Americans would be much better off.

Let’s hope that middle class voters are able to see the repealing of this tax for what it really is.

Bob Michaelsen,



Megaphone for the left

The Denton Record-Chronicle editorial of Dec. 29, “News must be backed by facts,” was a farce. Don’t know the left-leaning DRC staffer who penned this drivel with no mention of liberal radio and television scabrous entertainers misleading their audiences.

Remember the Dan Rather National Guard story about George W. Bush? Fake news.

Mainstream media is nothing but a megaphone for the far-left Democratic Party. If a news story does not fit their view of supporting Obama and the extreme liberal agenda, it doesn’t get reported.

Example: Obama touting the lowest unemployment rate in years but no mention of the 94 million no longer in the labor market since Obama took office.

That is fake news to make the current administration look good.

Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are news commentators, not reporters. Conservative talk radio and Fox News are beacons of truth in a storm of mainstream media corruption.

Redeem yourself and write an editorial on the dishonest CNN, MSNBC, etc. Sheeze, somebody’s nose was out of join in that editorial or it was just another example of fake news and hypocrisy on the left.

Alice Gore,



Greatest benefit

Neither of the two recent letter writers supporting the senior property tax freeze gave any justification as to why all seniors (over 65) need the tax freeze.

The greatest benefit will go to those in the biggest, most expensive homes, those generally most able to pay.

They in effect will be subsidized by the remaining under 65 homeowners.

I’m retired and on a fixed income but feel I should continue to support the wonderful amenities our city provides. I would gladly support a senior and disabled tax freeze for those who actually need it.

Let’s work with our mayor and City Council toward that goal if that was your intended target population.

Robert W. Killam,