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Letters to the editor, January 8

Cartoon in poor taste

The decision to publish “The Red Army Choir” political cartoon on Jan. 6 was in extremely poor taste regardless of politics.

More than 60 members of the Alexandrov Military Ensemble (The Red Army Choir) were among the dead when their plane crashed into the Black Sea on Christmas Day.

What were you thinking?

Carin Horn,



Editor’s Note: This cartoon came to us through a national news syndicate. We assumed it was the artist’s attempt to satirize Donald Trump’s affinity for Russian Premier Putin.

Unfortunately, we did not connect the dots to the Dec. 25 plane crash that killed the Red Army Choir members. Our ignorance is no excuse, however. We regret publishing the cartoon.



Mystery optimism

Take a moment to read Congressman Burgess’ 646-word letter on his website ( in which he explains his “optimism” about health care reform.

I am mystified still what this optimism is based on.

Republicans have promised health care reform since 1993, but they have never mustered anything close to a comprehensive policy that meets the needs of low- and middle-income working families who desperately need affordable health care coverage.

Twenty-three years later, the GOP is on the verge of repealing the Affordable Care Act. The ACA has its problems but it also has helped millions of Americans who couldn’t get coverage before.

What do the Republicans offer to replace this vital coverage for millions?

Words. Words that make promises remarkably similar to what they’ve been saying for the last 23 years.

Of the 646 words, Burgess wastes two-thirds of them to whitewash GOP efforts over the last two decades.

So, when we get to the meat of the letter, Burgess wants “the American people to take heart” because he and his colleagues have been “acquiring a deeper understanding” of Medicare.

They have “sent [letters] to state governors and insurance commissioners requesting ideas for how to reform our health care system ... seeking input on potential changes to health care” and, finally, “announced a roundtable on the Medicaid program in early January.”

This is it folks. More chatter, inquiries and brainstorming.

Twenty-three years and they’re still scratching their heads.

Larry Beck,




Trump a good leader

We are about to end the worst eight years of government that will take years to clean up. The federal government is over $20 trillion in debt.

We can be proud of the future with Donald Trump and his selection of a strong group of support personnel to run the government, including some of the good ex-military leaders who were forced out of the military by this past leader of the eight years of wasted government.

I am proud of what we can expect during the coming four years of making America good again.

I am confident that President-elect Trump will be a good leader and clean up many of our existing problems.

Ray Roberts,




Vote against tax freeze

My husband and I are both seniors in our 70s.

We urge you to vote against the senior and disabled tax freeze.

This poorly thought out freeze serves only those seniors and disabled who already can afford their own homes.

By decreasing funds, it hurts those of all ages and abilities who cannot afford to own homes.

A better law would freeze such taxes strictly based on low income as shown on submitted tax returns.

Wanda Needleman,