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Letters to the editor, February 27

Careful with your wish

President Trump is now trying to implement a ban on immigrants from certain Muslim countries because of a terrorist threat.

This is an extreme measure that is not justified by the reality of the threat.

Islamic terrorists are not near the threat in the U.S. that they are in other countries.

We must be careful about blanket bans on immigrants because we never know which immigrant families might contribute to our society. Half of U.S. startups that are estimated to be worth more than $1 billion were founded by immigrants.

Because of Steve Jobs, the iPhone, the Apple computer and several other world-changing inventions are American inventions. His father was an immigrant from Syria. If his father had not been allowed to come here, these inventions could very well have happened in other countries.

Be careful what you wish for.

Bob Michaelsen,



Crime against humanity

The United States is now a police state, headed by an egocentric president who takes every challenge, and everyone who disagrees with him, personally.

The state of affairs in our world and country is not about President Trump, but simply cries out for people of good faith to step up to start untangling and solving the many needs of the people.

Tearing apart families who have lived here for years and who are contributing members of our society is a crime against humanity and common decency.

We cannot live under the burden of such a childish president and such a hateful regime that disrespects basic human life.

John Zeigler,