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Letters to the editor, March 9

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Letters to the Editor

Honorable man

I attended Michael Burgess' town hall meeting Saturday and once again my hat is off to him. His opening remarks were brief and he opened the floor immediately for questions.

He stood quietly in the center of the gym floor while each speaker asked a question without interruption. That is without interruption from Congressman Burgess. There was so much shouting from the gallery that it was difficult to hear questions or the congressman's answers.

The opposition seemed organized with many identical protest signs favoring the Affordable Care Act. Most of the questioners clearly were not fans of Mr. Burgess or President Trump.

Mr. Burgess explained that he had not signed up for the congressional health insurance and didn't like to participate in raising campaign donations. He emphasized that ACA provisions on pre-existing and age 26 cut-off to be on a parent's insurance were not going to be touched.

Still, he was treated to loud booing and catcalls.

To be fair, there were a lot of supporters of Mr. Burgess there but they remained orderly and considerate.

I have attended many town hall meetings before but none like this. One of the questioners had just lost her job without explanation due to the president's immigration policy. Several were dealing with serious, life-threatening illness and all spoke to Mr. Burgess as if he didn't care.

I have known Michael Burgess for more than 30 years and can't imagine a more moral or honorable man in Washington.

Tom Tweeddale,

Serious accusation

President Trump's accusation (as ill-founded as it may be) is still an accusation that has been circulated around the world and must be investigated.

The sitting president cannot simply accuse a former president of spying on him without support and without disclosing the details. This country is (or at least used to be) a country of laws and those laws apply to everybody.

President Trump has accused the former president of an incredibly serious crime and he cannot be allowed to walk away from the accusation as if it never happened.

The Republicans (who are in control) need to take action and follow President Trump's accusation wherever it leads.

Even if it leads to a simple lie from President Trump himself.

Failure to follow this serious accusation will associate them (Republicans) with perpetuating it.

William Reed,