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Letters to the editor, March 10

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DRC staff

Safeguard our rights

Besides marching in the '70s for the Equal Rights Amendment, I've never been a political activist. I was a federal civil servant for almost 40 years. I've seen Republican presidents come and go and was never moved to march or protest. But this time I cannot be silent.

The lies that our president tells sicken me. I am terrified at the prospect of having our reproductive rights eroded.

I am disgusted and embarrassed by Trump's childish, narcissistic and misogynistic behavior. I am astounded and befuddled that Trump supporters seem to be blind to his lies. My Republican friends refuse to have a meaningful dialogue about our differences.

So I went to my first town hall meeting, along with others from Indivisible Denton, hoping to see Congressman Burgess really listen and respond to our viewpoints.

Instead, I watched him sidestep, divert, shift blame and refuse to answer even a simple "yes or no" question. He faced a crowd of almost 1,000 constituents who remained mostly respectful but forceful in their disagreement with almost everything he said. I wondered if he really heard us. Does he believe we are all paid protestors? Is there anything we can do or say to change his mind? Or will this be his last term in Congress?

If you disagree with Burgess and Trump, become an activist!

Make calls, write letters or postcards, and attend town hall meetings to resist the insanity, safeguard our rights and protect the ACA and the environment.

Cheri Kennedy,