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Letters to the editor, March 15

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DRC Staff

Program boosts public schools

Kudos to Logan McDaniel featured in the sports section of Friday's paper. A scholarship to Columbia is very impressive. Even more impressive is that he was given an academic scholarship to an Ivy League school after just two years in Denton High School's International Baccalaureate program.

Given the ongoing push for school vouchers, Denton is in a position to offer a college-prep IB program beginning in elementary school (Newton Rayzor) through high school.

If DISD continues to support this program, the district will be able to convince parents to keep their children in public school. Let's hope they do.

Danna Zoltner,

Far-left progressives in action

This old gun-toting, Bible-reading deplorable Republican does not want to work with far-left progressives.

All those female Democrats wearing white at the joint session of Congress on Feb. 28 looked more like the women's auxiliary of the KKK, with manners to match.

Far-left progressives are turning toward an anti-democratic system; if they don't win an election, they refuse to acknowledge the outcome. That being the case, the Democratic Party is being absorbed by the far-left wing and becoming a coastal party (East Coast liberals and West Coast fruits and nuts).

The more far-left progressives rant and rave in Congress and the more their useful idiots riot and destroy property, the more that sane-thinking Americans turn away from the Democratic Party. Liberal tea party? I think not. There is not rioting and property destruction at a tea party rally, ever.

Most civilizations and nations rot from within and cause their own destruction. How close is America to this catastrophe?

Alice Gore,