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Letters to the editor, March 19

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DRC Staff

Fresh start

With the Washington melee in full force, it is difficult to tell which party is telling the most lies.

If we voters out here in the hinterland are fortunate, perhaps things inside the Beltway will be resolved after the fashion of the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat -- and there will only be scraps found of all those politicians, so we may start afresh.

John Zeigler,

Monumental mistake

When the election came around, I said to myself, "People won't let this happen! They're too good and too smart to be hoodwinked into electing a buffoon as president of the United States!"

But they did, and they weren't! And we will all pay the penalty for this historic mistake.

Now there is a "budget" proposing to take away all of the programs that support the elderly, the disabled, the sick, not to mention the EPA and the arts, which strikes at the very heart and soul of our society.

What will it take to wake us up to see what we've let happen?

Will it be when grandma dies because she can't get her medication, or the disabled family member ends up on the street without government help? How many folks will we lose just because of this monumental mistake?

Nancy Fitz-Gerald Viens,