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Letters to the editor, March 22

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DRC Staff

Incredibly offensive

A recent letter to the editor calling a group of people "West Coast fruits and nuts" was incredibly offensive.

There is no place, in any publication or otherwise, for that language and I trust that you will use more discretion in publishing such things in the future.

Please do not add to the "rot from within."

Paula Taylor,

Thanks for hard work, TWC

I would like to thank the hard-working staff at Texas Workforce Commission.

If you are unemployed and looking for work, this is the place to go. TWC employees will put your information into their database and you will get an email notice about any job available in your field.

Just to list some of the services that TWC provides: career planning workshops, resume planning and review, financial literacy, stress management, keyboarding and computer basics. The commission also provides access to computers, copy machines and long-distance phone service if needed.

Last of all, when you go there you feel the love and support of all the staff and others looking for work. It is not a beatdown.

The commission has an office in Denton and at Alliance. I found employment through the Denton office and the staff was very professional.

John R. Finley,