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Letters to the editor, March 23

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DRC Staff

Totally untrustworthy

Donald Trump began building his political persona in 2011 by proudly repeating the racist lie that Barack Obama was not a citizen of this country. Offering no proof of his claim, he nevertheless continued to repeat the lie.

Then, when Trump announced he was running for president, his first utterance was the racist lie that Mexicans coming to this country were criminals and rapists. From there Trump proceeded to his next racist lie when he tweeted that 81 percent of homicides against whites were committed by blacks.

Throughout his campaign Trump continued a staggering rate of lying to the American people. When fact-checked, he was found to be lying 70 percent of the time. And this practice didn't stop when he was inaugurated.

Our thin-skinned president is so insecure he had to lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration (it was smaller than Obama's by a wide margin) and then lie about the size of his electoral victory (smaller than both of Obama's wins).

Now Trump has told the outlandish lie that President Obama placed wiretaps on his gaudy gold tower.

Like all of his other lies, he offered absolutely no evidence. Based on his propensity to lie about anything at any time, there is absolutely no reason to believe anything this man says.

Trump has proven himself to be totally untrustworthy and has lost any credibility that is normally afforded to the president.

Gary Ardis, 

Oak Point