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Letters to the editor, March 29

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DRC Staff

Something wrong

It took 14 months for the Democrats to come up with Obamacare. Since its beginning, the Republicans have said, "It's a bad program."

After Obamacare started, the GOP should have come up with a better health care program. They did not, and it's now six years later.

What made Trump and Ryan think they could come up with a fix in only six weeks when they could not or would not do it for six years?

Something is wrong here. Both sides of those elected officials we sent to Washington need to learn to get along and do their job. I hope they can achieve something during the three years and nine months that Trump has left in office.

Dan Christian,

Loss of trust

I no longer trust this newspaper or The Dallas Morning News to tell the whole truth on any given subject. Some editors want us to believe only what they print. And a lot of what they print is not the truth but is deception in the guise of political correctness.

People today are not as ignorant as you seem to believe. Politicians have been thinking that for way too long.

Jack Cox,

Injustice to veterans

I just heard from the Retired Enlisted Association that the health care bill under consideration in the House of Representatives does, in fact, affect veterans eligible for VA health care and TRICARE-eligible retirees.

An otherwise qualified veteran or military retiree should not be disqualified from receiving tax credits that go toward their health insurance premium just because their service to our country makes them eligible for VA health care or TRICARE.

Please do not force un-enrolled veterans to use VA health care at a time when the VA already does not have the capacity to treat its current enrollees.

This would affect approximately 7 million veterans.

Please keep our country's commitment to those who have committed to defend us. This injustice should be corrected.

Joel Padilla,

Precarious precedence

On March 15, the mayor of Rhome set precarious legal precedence. Overcoming all opposition to her controversial change from at-large to place system elections, never having posted the ordinance proposal on an agenda or presenting the written ordinance to Rhome City Council during an open meeting session, the mayor granted herself sole authority to control and adopt city ordinances, declaring the ordinance adopted by email.

What this means for the future of Rhome and its citizens is anyone's guess.

Patricia Mitchell,