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Letters to the editor, April 2

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DRC Staff

We need tax freeze

We are getting close to the time to vote. I know there have been many "yea" and "nay" opinions on the freezing of the taxes for people over 65 and disabled in the Denton area.

Everyone just talks about the increase of the taxes. But with the increase of your property value, your insurance and taxes also go up.

I have been retired since 2009. My husband also retired and we have only Social Security and a small retirement as income.

I am sure most people do not realize that Social Security did not give cost-of-living adjustment raises for several years and recently the COLA raises were less than 2 percent.

We do not all live in the Robson Ranch area. I know there are a lot of people who own rental property in the Denton area and they will fight this proposal because they do not get a homeowner's exemption.

When I moved to Denton, my house was valued at about $100,000. Now it is close to $200,000. My taxes and insurance have increased more than my income has increased.

The COLA does not consider these items when figuring inflation. This is why we need a freeze on our homeowner's taxes.

Sunny Hinojos,