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Letters to the editor, April 6

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Stay with Trump

The Republicans won and Donald Trump had a very extensive list of items that may be promoted to "Make America Good Again." For nearly 100 days he has worked hard to fill his promise for this work.

His problem is the Democrats who cannot understand why they lost the race.

I am confident that Trump will continue to work to improve America by tax reductions, job creation and lowering of insurance rates for all Americans.

Trump faces a constant battle to fulfill his campaign promises. Give him your support and faith.

He is going to win. Stay with him.

Ray Roberts,

Why the gloom?

Sunny Hinojos' "We need tax freeze" is why I organized the 100 people to obtain signatures to put the tax freeze for people over 65 and disabled on the May 6 ballot.

A shortfall of $200,000 to $400,000 will result from this tax freeze. The overall city of Denton general fund budget is $114 million. That is at most a shortfall of 0.4 percent of the budget.

I do not understand how this small amount could cause all the gloom and doom predicted by some.

Robson Ranch completed 154 new homes in 2016 that will add about $400,000 in new city taxes. The following 25 years will also add more than $400,000 each year in new city property taxes.

Don Duff,

Editor's note: Don Duff is a candidate for Denton City Council in District 3.