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Letters to the editor, April 9

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Satire preferred

I read in the April 5 Denton Record-Chronicle "Letters to the editor" section a letter in which the writer stated, "I commend Russian President Vladimir Putin for interfering in the recent election, if he in fact did."

Of course, this must be some sort of refreshing satire. Otherwise, commending a leader of any foreign power for interfering in our national election is commending this foreign power for destroying our democratic government.

This would fall into the realm of treason and only a very ignorant and unpatriotic anti-American would support such a statement.

If this comment was, indeed, satire, we can all have a good belly laugh. Everyone prefers satire over ignorance or treason.

Bob James,

Stand up and speak up

Make America Great Again! When I hear this "battle cry," I believe supporters are referring to America during the 1950s and 1960s.

The No. 1 goal of national security during that time was to expose, persecute, prosecute, punish and even execute communists and "commie sympathizers/associates."

Communist ideology has not changed. In this respect, I and all patriots must stand up and speak up in order to make and keep America great again.

Gilmore Morris,