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Letters to the editor, April 16

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Don't hold breath

President Trump's recent reversals of opinion on armed intervention in the Syrian civil war, NATO's importance, China's currency manipulation, etc., have been lacking in one important element -- the president saying, "I was wrong."

Let's don't hold our collective breath waiting to hear those words from his lips.

John Zeigler,

Get over it

I would like to respond to a recent letter alleging fabricated concern over sanctuary cities. The writer obviously does not understand that these cities are welcoming and protecting individuals who have broken our federal immigration laws to get to our country.

The so-called leaders of these cities are also criminals because they have also broken our federal laws. We have laws in this country to protect citizens who are here legally. The libs/Dems seem to overlook the fact that most people who oppose sanctuary cities are not opposed to immigration, but are opposed to illegal immigration.

What other federal laws do all the libs/Dems think it would be OK to ignore/break/flaunt?

Our elected officials are elected to uphold our laws and protect our citizens. That is exactly what our new administration is attempting to do. There is nothing racist about it.

I don't have to read the Sunday comics anymore. All I have to do is read the predominately liberal letters in this paper every day to have a good laugh.

One more thing: The Russians didn't have anything to do with the outcome of the last election.

Hillary/Obama/libs lost the election because most people realized that Hillary is proven to be an unethical, corrupt and dishonest person.

Get over it and quit whining.

Jerel Jeanes,