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Letters to the editor, April 19

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Listen to voters

Most of your readers and voters place a very high value on internet privacy. We don't appreciate that our representative in Congress sold out our internet privacy, per Republican Party instructions.

Now things like your browsing history, location data, purchases and other personal information is available for purchase by internet service providers like Sprint, Charter, Yahoo, etc. who will send you ads, announcements and such. Maybe our representative would be better off thinking for himself and listening to the opinions of his voters, not his party.

Owen Yost,

Vice president's expenses

Why does the vice president of the United States have an expense budget for breaking ties in the Senate? According to the current budget (2016-17), the VP has an expense budget of $18,760. Someone will have to explain this to me. The vice president is responsible for breaking ties when a Senate vote is 50-50, but that rarely happens.

OK, let's say that it does cost him a few dollars to walk from the White House to the Senate (seriously?), but does that justify this expense allowance (regardless of whether he actually gets the money or spends it for something, maybe lunches)?

Considering how much his salary and expense allowance is for being the actual vice president of the United States, I don't see how it is necessary to appropriate more for his Senate "work."

The office of the vice president has a total budget of -- ready for this -- $2,417,248! For what? His salary is only $237,700. His security is paid through the Secret Service budget. I can see him having an administrative assistant or two, maybe three, and some office expenses.

What else are the taxpayers paying for his upkeep? This looks like another example of our elected leaders being treated like royalty!

I'd like an accounting of this ridiculous use of our tax dollars, how about you?

Robert Butler, 

Marmaduke, Arkansas