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Letters to the editor, May 1

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Editor's note: Thursday, May 4 will be the last day the Denton Record-Chronicle will publish letters related to the May 6 elections.

No gloom and doom

A shortfall of $207,000 will result from the tax freeze in 2018 out of a budget of $114 million -- less than 0.2 percent of the budget. Getting to a $2.6 million shortfall in 2027 requires a lot of questionable assumptions. How do you know what the total city budget will be in 2027? $2.6 million in 2027 may still be only 0.2 percent of the budget. I don't understand why this small amount causes Prop 1 opponents to predict doom and gloom.

People like to make this about Robson Ranch. I am okay with that. Robson Ranch had 154 new homes completed in 2016. Average sale price was $397,208, resulting in $386,428 in new city tax revenue in 2017.

The following 25 years will add more than $400,000 each year in new city property taxes and Robson Ranch will still not be built out. The total property taxes added in 2027 will be over $4 million.

Another argument against Prop 1 is that the new homes at Robson Ranch will be a burden on city services. The City does not own or repair Robson Ranch streets. Denton Municipal Electric does not supply power to Robson. It is rare to see city police at Robson.

Others can worry about 0.2 percent of the budget? My focus will be on the other 99.8 percent.

Tax revenue that the tax freeze would remove is really small -- so small that everyone else's taxes will not be affected.

Don Duff,


Editor's Note: Duff is a candidate for Denton City Council in District 3.