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Letters to the editor, May 4

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Editor's note: Thursday, May 4, is the last day the Denton Record-Chronicle publishes letters related to the May 6 elections.

Partisan politics

The Republican Party leadership's entry into city politics is a terrible threat to good city government.

Party politics have done enough harm in Washington and Austin. Each City Council member now has only to consider the views of his or her constituents and not the pressure of political leaders. With partisan politics, minority members will lose their power to represent their citizens.

The Democrats will be forced to enter the fray. City government will lose.

Tell your party leaders, in both parties, to stay out of city politics.

Keith Shelton,

Reconsider stand on tax freeze

In pro-tax freeze letters to the editor, writers cite the fact that "more than 200 Texas cities, including Lewisville and Fort Worth have already approved the tax freeze. ..."

My first thought is what difference does that make? It doesn't mean Denton needs to do it, too. The argument that "all of our neighbors are doing it" makes about as much sense as agreeing with your teenager when he or she says "but all my friends are doing it" (fill in the blank -- drinking, smoking, drugs).

Perhaps reading the 2010 Dallas Morning News article titled "Property tax cap for seniors puts some Dallas-Fort Worth cities in a bind" ( would encourage those promoting the 'everyone is doing it' argument to reconsider their stand on a tax freeze.

From the article, "Cash-strapped communities that opted in are starting to feel the costs. Those losses [of tax revenue] are projected to grow sharply as property values climb and waves of baby boomers become eligible."

As Dick Lavine, a fiscal analyst for the nonpartisan Austin-based Center for Public Policy Priorities said, "All of these cities ... are going to cause themselves imminent trouble in the future."

It's very telling too that in the DMN article the sponsor of the 2003 permanent local options cap, Rep. Fred Brown, expressed second thoughts about it; he wished he had tailored the proposal more narrowly to benefit only those of modest means. "I don't want to see seniors in million-dollar homes getting a huge tax break."

Judy Giese,