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Letters to the editor, May 11

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Disturbing headline

Concerning Ms. Tabor's article on the Double Oak election, I would like to express my distaste in the headline and have spoken to many who feel the same way.

It was very crass and disturbing as my husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

I hope Ms. Tabor does not have to experience the type of loss I have, and if she does, that another reporter might be more respectful of her feelings.

Peggy Durbin,
Double Oak

Vote for Don Duff

Thanks to all who took the time to vote in the May 6 election. Voting is a privilege that should not be ignored.

I was happy to see the tax freeze passed. I know some were against the freeze but I would not be surprised that they become happy it's there when they become eligible.

For several reasons, I am supporting Don Duff for City Council in District 3. Don is a very dedicated person and will stay with any project to get it done properly. He is compassionate about helping people to achieve their needs.

His wife, Peggy, also is active in pursuing those same goals. She has given many hours of volunteering to the Robson and Denton communities.

Together they make a great team and achieve many worthwhile things.

Please consider voting for an honest, hard-working man, Don Duff, who stands behind whatever he says. He is not an actor with a script. He is an honest, sincere citizen who wants to help make Denton a great place to live!

Jan Utzman,

Stop yelling

I have heard enough yelling. Children yell at home and they yell in public. They yell in restaurants, but mostly they just yell because their parents themselves are too busy yelling to notice.

But the yelling I'm really concerned about is the unnecessary, rude and disrespectful yelling that occurs almost daily at public meetings, forums and town halls. It seems the only way people think they can express themselves is by yelling.

Stop yelling.

I believe you will find a lot more can be accomplished with a civil conversation, discussion and the exchange of ideas. Try it sometime, but please stop yelling.

George Wood,

Outstanding congressman

This must be a joke ... taking a shot at Congressman Burgess for his lack of interest in the Indivisible politics.

Burgess has been the most outstanding congressman that we have had in the 26th for many years.

He comes to his district several times a year to give a full rundown of what is going on in the D.C. fiasco.

At times a few strange visitors will make noise and "boo" him for giving us a full outline of the work being performed.

You will never find a more efficient and capable person to support us in the 26th District. We need him for at least one more term.

Best of luck to our outstanding representative.

Ray Roberts,

Medicare good system

I have a few questions about medical care. One, the replacements for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) include many provisions of ACA. Why don't they amend ACA instead of replacing it?

Two, all replacements under discussion seek to give the patient choices.

Medicare (a single-payer system) has been in existence for many years and gives the patient choices.

I have participated in Medicare for more than 25 years and it meets all my medical needs.

I have had heart attacks, hip replacements and some minor age-related ailments. I have always had a choice of providers. Medical help is readily available.

Medicare provides medical care -- not insured medical care. Do we need insurance companies to act as middlemen? They subtract a substantial fee and place roadblocks for what is covered and not covered in their many policies.

Reducing medical insurance premiums does not improve medical care directly. Current law blocks competition among drug companies. This is not free-market economics.

Most industrialized nations offer a single-payer system. Under Medicare we can choose our own doctor and the provider can make a choice as to whether to accept the patient.

Payment of medical care to the government rather than an insurance company is more effective and efficient. The fees may be less than our current medical costs.

They are in most countries.

Bill Giese,

Underpass problem

The McCormick Street underpass is still closed two months after the initial statement that it would be closed through March.

Aside from making access to the rest of Denton from the residences south of I-35E in this area very difficult and time consuming, the emergency services from the McCormick Street fire station now take five to seven times longer to access this area.

Is the underpass planned to open any time in the year 2017?

James Matthew,