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Letters to the editor, May 12

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Young and old families

Proposition 1 passed and opposition leader Alfredo Sanchez claimed the supporters were only thinking of themselves and not the future "of our children."

This is disingenuous and unprovable. How many people did Mr. Sanchez talk with?

He says Prop 1 supporters felt they deserved the tax break because they are seniors and on a fixed income. He also states young people not voting and their sympathy for the elderly and disabled contributed to its passing.

We may have a bright future if the younger members of our society have compassion for the elderly and disabled -- something Mr. Sanchez does not understand.

He goes on to say the young face rising taxes and expenses, and that they struggle with financial problems.

If we turn the calendar back three decades, those seniors were in that same boat. They were also rearing children and facing, at that time, double-digit interest rates and inflation.

So what did they do? They did what they had to, to survive. Some worked extra hours.

Wives and husbands both worked, and maybe even took second jobs. They made ends meet.

The big difference between now and then for those families is that most cannot do the things they could do 30 years ago.

So again let's thank God the younger families do understand the plight of older families.

Mr. Sanchez, I do not think the minimal amount of tax lost is going to destroy the future of Denton or its children.

Dennis Loccisano,