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Letters to the editor, May 13

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Denton Record-Chronicle Readers

Our angel

My husband and I were in Denton on April 21-22 for our 60th Denton High School class reunion. We were walking to the goodbye breakfast just off the Square when my husband fell.

There was a lady (our angel) waiting for the light just ahead. She saw what happened, parked her car and immediately came to offer help.

When my husband got up, he realized the sole of his shoe had become partially detached and caused him to trip. Therefore, walking any further would have been impossible.

Our angel offered us a ride to the restaurant, and we gratefully accepted. My husband asked if there was a shoe repair shop anywhere close, and it turns out there was one right next door to our destination. God works in mysterious ways.

Sue O'Neil was our angel's name, but we failed to get her address or other contact information. I want to thank her for being a good Samaritan, and we thank God for her and her kindness toward us.

Shirley Spillman,
East Amherst, New York

Partisan tap dancing

I am writing to compel my U.S. senators, Cruz and Cornyn, to step aside and appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate Russia's involvement with the Trump campaign and the 2016 election.

Sally Yates' recent testimony was relevant but Congress' continued focus on leaks and other distracting issues brought up by my Texas senators proves partisan politics continue to block investigation of the actual issue.

Cruz and Cornyn's recent line of questioning made it clear that this is the only way we can be guaranteed a fair and full investigation instead of more partisan tap dancing tactics.

I expect better of my senators and recently I witnessed two educated men sidestep the investigation to ask irrelevant questions. They should step aside since they can't be impartial. It's embarrassing.

Dawn Lee,
Hickory Creek

Task for Texas Democrats

Republicans have held power in Texas for 22 years. Our state educational system is ranked 42nd in the nation. Our average household income is $55,653, which is $122 lower than the national average.

Our roads are increasingly becoming toll roads. Our local communities are being prohibited by the state from governing themselves.

One would think that a state blessed with such a diversity of people and resources would perform better.

The Republican Party has been profiting on our fears and anger for far too long. It has lost sight of the people and become consumed with profit at all costs.

Texas Democrats will work to fix what Republicans have damaged. We can set the national standard for education. We can foster a state that is not only beneficial to business but to the hard-working people that enable those companies to operate.

We can be intelligent stewards of our state's great national resources and more efficiently manage our budgets and funding. We can support justice without employing vengeance. We can refuse to be manipulated by fear and anger and begin rebuilding our divided communities.

We can, and we must, for the sake of Texas.

Charles Crawford,

Thanks to all

We were co-chairs of the property tax freeze ballot measure and would like to express our sincere thanks to the following supporters: Bill Wright, the attorney who volunteered his time to prepare all of the legal papers for the petition; the electors: Larry Wilson, (non-Robson Ranch resident), Bruce Reber and Terry Mathers; and the signature committee, Don Duff, and all of the volunteers who did the foot work collecting signatures.

Additionally, we really appreciate everyone who signed the petition. A special "thank you" goes to our City Council member, Kathleen Wazny, for calling a task force meeting to get this team organized. This was a team effort, and without all of you the petition would have never made it to the ballot.

Lastly, we express our extreme gratitude to all of the Denton voters who supported this measure!

Shirley Johnson, Shirley Martin,

Naked self-interest

President Trump promised that if he was elected, he would increase taxes on the rich, himself included.

His current tax plan shows that the promise was a lie.

The cuts in the plan seem to be targeted for Trump's benefit. He wants a 15 percent tax rate of pass-through businesses, and all of Trump's businesses pass their profits through to his return.

This provision would save Trump tens of millions each year.

He wants to scrap the Alternative Minimum Tax, which cost him $31 million on his 2005 return, and to repeal the estate tax, which would save the Trump family $4 billion if he is worth $10 billion as he claims.

The naked self-interest that is revealed in Trump's plan, coupled with the $7 trillion it will add to the deficit over 10 years, make it morally and fiscally unacceptable.

Bob Michaelsen,