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Letters to the editor, May 15

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Trump's number

I have concluded that Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ and I can prove it.

I have counted Trump's lies and they total up to 666.

Jim Stodola,

Wi-Fi pointers

It's always a guessing game when trying to use the Denton public Wi-Fi around the Square. It's seldom a rewarding experience: dropped signals, dropped internet connections and super-slow connections. The list goes on.

Recently I visited the small town of Lone Pine, California, and experienced the most amazing public Wi-Fi. It was easy to connect to, strong signal everywhere and as fast as you can imagine. Lone Pine is miles from any good-sized city but has figured out how to offer quality broadband Wi-Fi.

Denton should contact Lone Pine and get pointers on how to properly set up a public Wi-Fi system that is a pleasure to use.


James Matthews,

Shameful actions

Shame on President Trump for continuing to lie about everything including that the new health care bill will lower premiums and be "fantastic."

Shame on Congress for passing a health care bill that they believed was so bad they wanted to exempt themselves and their staff from it.

Shame on Congress for passing their health care bill without actually reading it and then voting on it simply to get a big win, thus putting politics before country once again.

Shame on Congress for laughing and grinning like banshees after passing a health care bill that will only be good for the rich and the young and those with no pre-existing conditions.

Shame on Congress for thinking it has actually accomplished something.

Shame on our own Congressman Michael Burgess, R-Pilot Point, for standing right next to President Trump during the celebration, smiling like he'd just won the lottery when in fact, so many of his constituents could lose their health coverage if the bill became law.

And finally, shame on anyone who supports this awful health care bill. We are the only civilized nation in the world that doesn't have universal health care. How did we get here?

I hang on to hope that sanity will soon return to our country, but I'm not waiting. I'm working with Indivisible Denton to accomplish our mission to disrupt any agenda that undermines the values of equality, truth, kindness and integrity.

Cheri Kennedy,