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Letters to the editor, May 16

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Inhuman quandary

Having run my own independent insurance agency for a number of years in the past, I can testify to the health insurance industry's being an unnecessary and expensive middleman in the health care process.

The accusation of featherbedding comes to mind as an appropriate appellation for the gouging of the public it does. The monetizing of everything, especially human life, has landed us in an inhuman and unsustainable quandary.

John Zeigler,

Political views

A poll by the Pew Research Center says much about the nation's political divide. It says 89 percent of Democrats say "news media criticism keeps leaders in line" while only 42 percent of Republicans say the same.

Wouldn't that explain why the GOP House approved a health care bill favored by only 18 percent of Americans? Doesn't it reflect on the Republican's slow-walking the investigations into the Trump campaign's dealing with the Russians?

And consider this: In early 2016 a Pew poll on the press' watchdog role found a greater percentage of Republicans than Democrats favoring journalism's job. Trump's attacks on "the enemy of the American people" have had the effect he desired, but only on a party that would prefer to cry "fake" than face facts.

Mark Spencer, 

Cross Roads