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Letters to the editor, May 18

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Proof positive

The president's latest bumble with classified docs, shared with the Russians, no less is very telling. The continual cluelessness, bumbling and hateful legislation emanating from his people is proof positive that anyone who lost the popular vote by 2 million has no business in the Oval Office. We are learning that hard lesson, over and over, daily.

John Zeigler,

Vote for Meltzer

I have known Paul Meltzer as a neighbor, friend and active participant in Denton's civic life for many years. I'm writing to encourage citizens to vote for him for City Council in the upcoming District 3 runoff.

Here's one example of why he would be an excellent council member: When Kevin Roden and I were on the Historic Landmark Commission, Kevin had the excellent idea of placing permanent plaques describing the history of Southeast Denton along the walking path next to the A-train route.

The obstacle to executing this ambitious idea was that someone would have to research, write and marshal community support for the historic narratives, and then find the money to pay for quality markers. In conversation with Paul one day, I happened to mention the need for someone to take up this task, and he volunteered immediately.

He researched the sites that are visible from the hiking path, met repeatedly with the Southeast Denton Neighborhood Association to vet his narratives, and found the funding for attractive stone markers, which were dedicated in June 2015.

Throughout this long process, he brought together many disparate stakeholders, from neighborhoods to the DCTA.

It was beautiful to watch.

This is the sort of thing he's accomplished at Thin Line and in his other volunteer activities. He gets things done and he cares about our city. If you're in District 3, vote for him.

Check out for polling sites and times.

Karen DeVinney,

Protest appraisals

We all know what prompted the Prop. 1 tax freeze. We have had 10 percent increases in our home appraisals for the last three years. Our leaders have said each year "no tax increase" this year. But we all know we have paid much more in city and county taxes. We have also paid much more to insure our homes because of the increase in value.

We have reached a point where we say enough is enough! No more automatic 10 percent increase without some resistance.

Prop. 1 caused a lot of conversation and now is your chance to let the city and county know you protest the automatic rise of your appraisal.

You have until May 31 to protest your appraisal. All they can do is say no. What have you got to lose? You may win and keep your taxes at your 2016 level.

Don't wait. Time is running out.

Sunny Hinojos,