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Letters to the editor, May 19

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Wonderful gesture

This past Sunday we were sitting in Starbucks having refreshments. A couple at the next table stopped to chat as they were leaving. In a few minutes the woman returned, handed me a beautiful red rose and said, "Happy Mother's Day."

I do not know these folks' names, but I want to say thank you again to them and tell them that they brightened my day.

Dolores Vann,

Spin on Comey

In his opinion article "Comey should have been let go long ago," Denton Record-Chronicle, May 16, Ed Rogers really puts the spin on Trump's firing of James Comey.

Rogers, a conservative Republican apologist, "suggested" that it would probably have been best for Comey to resign for the way he handled "Hillary Clinton's email practices" last January.

Very convenient. There is no written record of Roger's suggestion at that time. Rogers even quotes David Ignatius, "It's strange that the Democrats who were so angry at [Comey] are now furious at his firing."

If President Obama had fired Comey in October or early November last year for the way Comey handled "Hillary Clinton's email practices," Obama would not have completed his term in office. The firestorm generated by the GOP Congress would still be raging.

Rogers also conveniently labels the Trump/Russia collusion a Democratic Party fantasy when in reality Comey was pushing the investigation and Trump wanted it stopped.

If Trump asked Comey to end the Flynn probe, then Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, which is a felony. Comey's memo, if it exists, will be proof positive of this conversation.

It is now time for a special prosecutor to assume control of this investigation.

Perhaps then there will be an end to this sordid mess.

Bob James,