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Letters to the editor, May 21

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Rough streets

I read your article (which I thought was very good) about Mockingbird Lane being an important street because it serves as a boundary line between political districts.

You would think a street that important would be the smoothest and cleanest street in Denton.

Instead, it is one of the worst streets in Denton.

Mockingbird was rough when I moved here more than 30 years ago, and it still is. I don't understand why the city resurfaces streets that don't need it, but does nothing to the rough ones.

I read another posting about the city approving $750,000 for tennis.

I'm sure there are many other things this city needs worse (like smoother streets) than tennis.

Phillip Sigler,

Stitch that binds

It's a travesty of justice and a destructive force against democracy when Republicans and other Trump supporters try to defend his suspected malfeasance by pointing out past sins of Democrats.

They called for and received a special prosecutor in Clinton's alleged malfeasance in Whitewater.

But now they cower behind the pretense that Trump is being maliciously attacked by his political enemies and that a special prosecutor is unnecessary.

At least one GOP congressman, Devin Nunes, has served as a mole for the Trump White House, undermining any genuine investigation into allegations that keeps building about links between Russia and Trump.

Until Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, the case for Russian ties was building steam, leaving many to feel, including some in his own party, that Trump was trying to hide something.

The president refuses to show his income taxes or a credible health report from his physician and he maliciously refers to the media as an enemy of the state simply because he doesn't like how they report on his performance.

Lesser actions by a Democratic president would have GOP heads exploding. But hypocrisy is the stitch that binds the threads of party loyalty.

Both parties are guilty of corruption at various times and levels but only one is currently waist deep in it right now -- shamelessly I might add -- and will wallow in it for as long as voters keep them in power.

Larry Beck,