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Letters to the editor, May 25

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Obese government

Every person I've spoken with is exasperated at how much Denton County property tax appraisals have gone up.

Challenge these bloated estimates.

Vote for candidates who will actually reduce the city's tax rate and cut its budget.

The passage of Proposition 1 was a good start, but all property owners need some serious tax relief.

The government has grown obese and wasteful. Let's put her on a serious diet.

Fellows of the left have to understand that the people's hard-earned income and property is not a wish list for various patrons and groups.

A senior Denton representative told me years ago that trying to conform and fund education for all the illegal children who are coming to Denton is obviously very expensive and not sustainable.

It's also violating and abusing American taxpayers.

Honestly, Americans should be free from restrictive and invasive regulatory regulations and tremendous taxes; this is firmly embedded in American colonial law and constitutional law.

Just a side note: I read some of the local letters about how citizens should not get tax relief and how those who live in Robson Ranch, for example, are not paying enough. It sounds a lot like Karl Marx's goal of abolishing private property and empowering government.

Eric Mach,

Lousy customer service

I have had a frustrating weekend. I moved to Denton two weeks ago. Tuesday I called Spectrum from Lewisville to get cable and telephone installed in my Denton house. The appointment was for 10 a.m. Friday.

The Spectrum employee asked if the phone in Lewisville was the one to call to confirm the appointment. I told him not to call Lewisville as no one lived there now. I asked that the installers come straight to the house.

Simple instructions.

Spectrum did not show up.

On Saturday I called Spectrum from Denton. I was told that they called Lewisville, no one answered to confirm (obviously) and they cancelled my appointment. It was 10:15 a.m. I asked for another appointment. The Spectrum rep agreed that a confirmation call was not needed as the appointment was set for 45 minutes later at 11 a.m.

The installers did not show up.

I called again. He said they called Lewisville (again ignoring the instructions) and cancelled the appointment. A third appointment was set for 3 p.m. Sunday. Same instructions.

The rep said the instructions were clear. The rep added a note for the dispatcher with the same instructions.

While I was there, Spectrum called for confirmation of the appointment. I confirmed the appointment and thought the problem was solved.

No one showed up on Sunday, either.

How does Spectrum stay in business with such lousy customer service?

Craig Stark,

Which is it?

Quote from editorial page columnist Leonard Pitts, Friday, May 19, in the DRC: "[Trump] once asked the director for an oath of personal loyalty just like -- sorry, but it is accurate and apropos -- Hitler required of the German Army."

Quote from the DRC editorial board, Sunday, May 21: "Take a deep breath, hold up your right hand and repeat after us, 'will never again compare America or one of its politicians to Nazi Germany or Adolf Hitler.'"

So which is it to be, DRC? Of course, Mr. Pitts is free to say what he likes, but I suggest you take the money paid for his column and order some more comic strips.

James A. Mann,

Extend rural safeguard

Medicare beneficiaries in rural communities depend on home health care to remain independent, but this care is at risk.

Congress must extend an additional Medicare payment that helps to ensure access to home health for rural seniors.

This rural safeguard is available to health care agencies delivering care to seniors in remote areas, which costs more because of higher transportation and staffing costs.

Rural home health agencies are invaluable to homebound patients who live miles from the closest doctor.

For rural seniors, who are typically in poorer health, home health is sometimes their only care option.

As health care remains at the forefront of policy discussions, it's important that Congress not overlook the needs of rural seniors. I am calling on our state's members of Congress to extend the rural safeguard.

Cheryl Inman,

Satan working overtime

I recently read an article online titled "Critics Attack Mother's Day as Offensive Because it's a Gendered Holiday."

And the article also included Father's Day as being offensive to transgenders, et al. My first reaction was utter disbelief, but then reality quickly took over and I was reminded, once again, that Satan is still working overtime.

I actually felt sad because this is an abomination to the precious sanctity of motherhood and fatherhood. The article goes on to suggest that these holidays be changed to "Guardian's Day" or "Non-Binary Parent's Day."

Several other equally offensive suggestions were made, as well, and the article also stated that even the use of the word "mother" is becoming increasingly controversial. I don't know whether to laugh or cry but, sadly, those people aren't joking.

As for me, I will honor and respect my mother and father on Mother's Day, Father's Day and every day. God created man and woman (Genesis 1:27).


Amy Poskey,

Protesting probe

If President Trump's administration has no covert ties to Russia as he claims, why is he protesting the investigation so much?

I lived through the Nixon debacle, and this is looking more and more like it all the time.

John Zeigler,