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Letters to the editor, May 28

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Denton Record-Chronicle Readers

Sheriff's tirade

Once again, we find Denton in the news. This is due to the sheriff's recent tirade on Facebook. It does not speak well for Denton and is an embarrassment to many of us.

Perhaps, it would be wise of him to simply do his job and keep his opinions to himself. I still hadn't forgotten his words on transgenders and bathrooms, when the latest rant took place.

I will certainly keep both these topics in mind when I vote in the next election.

Shelley Walker,

Keep the Rev. Christy Thomas

I have read the Denton Record-Chronicle since 1975. It was like a breath of fresh air when the Rev. Christy Thomas began as a regular contributor to the paper.

She brought a much more nuanced interpretation of the theological topics in her column each week than those who had been writing the decades before.

A recent letter writer requested your paper find someone "who loves the Lord with all [their] heart and soul and mind." The writer implies she does not believe the Rev. Thomas, a retired Methodist minister, holds those beliefs.

Having known Dr. Thomas since high school, and having gone to church with her, I can firmly attest that she does have and always has had the love of the Lord deep in her heart.

However, basing one's critique of a religion writer's love of God on what they may say about the Book of Revelation (or the Book of Genesis, for that matter), leaves an entire universe of scholarly wisdom and spiritual love out of the analysis.

Please, please do keep the Rev. Christy Thomas as your religion page contributor.

Jim Stiles,

Stand up against threats

I have always felt that the U.S. was known as a kind nation. Of course, this has not always been true. Violence runs deep in our history and we can't escape from it. But in general, we tried at least to take care of our own -- our elderly, our poor, our sick, lost and disabled.

What is happening to us now? As a friend said to me once, "Don't forget where you came from!"

How much of this malarkey do we have to put up with before enough of us stand up and rebel against the threats of the loss of our rights to good health and our hopes for the future -- not just for ourselves but for the next generation?

Nancy Fitz-Gerald Viens,

Patriotic supporter

As a conservative independent, I am not a big fan of Trump. However, considering the alternative, he was the best choice. I am a 100 percent patriotic supporter of the president of the United States. And, yes, maintaining that support for Obama was shaky at times.

Perhaps some of your regular contributors can name one president who did not make changes (some call it flip-flop) in philosophy during his term. I believe the better name for change is maybe "adjustment to the circumstances." One who is not capable of adjusting might be called a fool.

The outcry for divulging the strategy and plan to eliminate ISIS or any military action is asinine.

Should a platoon leader telegraph his intended action to the enemy? Ask any military person who served in action if that's the preferred approach.

On a Sunday talk show, Bishop Jakes (Potter's House) commented that many limit their worship to behind private walls. So what is a wall? "Walls" might be defined in several ways and is not necessarily a 30-foot-tall barrier.

Look up narcissist. You will likely find a picture of both Trump and Obama sharing equal space. Obama is definitely more subtle. Subtle may also be described as "soft-shoeing" the issue, leaving an opening for defense when challenged.

Arrogance. The man who was once described as the most recognizable name in the world frequently stated, "If you can do it, you ain't bragging." I'll go with Ali.

J. Santford Adams,

Get over it

I would like to respond to those who believe that concern about sanctuary cities is not justified. They obviously don't understand that these cities are welcoming and protecting individuals who have broken our federal immigration laws to get to our country.

The so-called leaders of these cities are also criminals because they have also broken our federal laws.

We have laws in this country to protect citizens who are here legally. The liberals/Democrats seem to overlook the fact that most people who oppose sanctuary cities are not opposed to immigration, but are opposed to illegal immigration.

What other federal laws do all the liberals/Democrats think it would be OK to ignore/break/flaunt?

We elect officials to uphold our laws and protect our citizens. That is exactly what our new administration is attempting to do. There is nothing racist about it. I don't have to read the Sunday comics anymore. All I have to do is read the predominately liberal letters in this paper every day to have a good laugh.

One more thing: the Russians didn't have anything to do with the outcome of the last election.

Hillary/Obama/liberals lost the election because most people realized that she was unethical, corrupt and dishonest. Get over it and quit whining.

Jerel Jeanes,