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Letters to the editor, May 30

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Denton Record-Chronicle Readers

Low-IQ sheriff

I feel sorry for the good folks of Denton, who unknowingly elected such a low-IQ sheriff as Tracy Murphree. Gun control and Manchester, England, are just not his strong points.

Fred Rickson,
Tucson, Arizona

Murphree speaks truth

Thank you, Sheriff Murphree, for speaking the truth. Thank you for standing firm in your convictions. Thank you for not backing down to the liberals who have nothing better to do than attack and minimize everything you say and do.

I fully support your efforts and echo your sentiments.

Indeed, America needs to wake up. Kudos, Sheriff Murphree!

Amy Poskey,

Faith deep and strong

Another great article by the Rev. Christy Thomas, our "Thoughtful Pastor."

Of course God has a sense of humor. If not, why put a funny bone in mankind?

The Rev. Thomas is a keen observer and analyst of human behavior. While no comedian, she shares her compassionate sense of humor in her thoughtful counsel.

Christy has obviously studied the Bible from a theological, historical and human perspective.

I find her faith as deep and strong as it is thoughtful. She wears her role as pastor very well, without being preachy.

Bob Swanbeck,