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Letters to the editor, May 31

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Meltzer's considered opinion

Last March, when I presented to Robson Ranch residents on the impacts of Proposition 1, Donald Duff was also there and was asked what exactly the "freeze" was. Mr. Duff said he didn't really know, but that they should vote for it anyway. They did.

Almost enough of Denton's voters came to realize that Prop. 1 was a bad deal even for seniors, let alone for the rest of the city, and the vote was far closer than Mr. Duff arrogantly predicted. Who takes the first crummy deal offered?

Now, after the fact, more people are recognizing this and reeling from it.

All of Denton could have had an effective rate cut and seniors could have had an increased exemption dollar amount, but Prop. 1 makes both now highly unlikely.

Mr. Duff is a low-information candidate who has just circulated a memo saying he favors a 'tax cut.' He also apparently recently told our new mayor pro tem that he plans to raise taxes for "things we need," meaning things Robson Ranch desires.

Once again, "Which is it, Don?"

I don't know whether Paul Meltzer is for a tax rate cut, freeze or what the City Council will ultimately determine to be necessary, but I do know that Meltzer's will be a considered opinion based on broad budgetary experience and on evaluating all relevant information, not just a cheap campaign tactic at odds with what he says privately.

Jennifer Lane,