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Letters to the editor, June 1

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Cancerous leftists

Illegal aliens committed 611,234 crimes in Texas from 2008 to 2014, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. This includes thousands of homicides and sexual assaults.

Why won't our newspapers cover this crime wave on Americans? Instead we see multiple front pages about how illegals feel uncertain about life in America and Texas could lose millions of dollars if it doesn't let men into the girl's bathrooms.

This cowardly political correctness is nothing more than language control; if it does not coincide with the degenerate socialist, then they try to shut it down.

Why have we put up with their poppycock?

If leftist mayors and bureaucrats give aid, comfort and shelter to illegal felons, then throw them into jail. That's what happens to everyday citizens who break the law.

Think about it.

The dullards of the left insist that taxpayers pay for the abortions of American babies and then demand we import illegal criminals, Islamic terrorists and nix our Second Amendment.

You know, America's biggest threat is not Russia, China or ISIS but the cancerous leftists inside the United States.

That is why real Americans are delighted to have the perspective and leadership of Sheriff Tracy Murphree and President Trump.

Like I said in a letter years ago, real Americans are tired of being last in their own country.

Eric Mach,

Fanatic party loyalty

I, too, hope that sanity soon returns to our country. I strongly support the values of equality, truth, kindness and integrity, so shame on those dividing Americans with hysterical spin and uncivil demonstrations to make cheap political points.

If this is what Indivisible Denton is about, shame on them.

Kudos to Sheriff Murphree for his integrity and courage in accepting the heat for speaking truth. There are individual crazies in every religion and every other group.

As a Christian, I would want him to speak out against any organized subgroup of Christians whose goal is to kill and maim those of different sects and cultures.

We can disagree about the appropriateness of any of Trump's actions as president, but it's insane to claim that anyone elected according to rules dictated by our supreme law, the U.S. Constitution, doesn't deserve to be president.

Why should someone who lost according to those agreed-upon rules be president? That would be the rule of "wants" and "political expediency," not rule of law.

We need civility, reason, facts and truth. So I'm keeping an open mind about Trump's and Comey's interaction. Comey's memos are no more evidence than Trump's tweets. For either side to claim otherwise is rule of hearsay, not rule of law.

Yes, incivility, hypocrisy, spinning truth and fomenting hysteria do bind the threads of fanatic party loyalty.

All sides do it some, but leftists are the pros.

They demand submission no less than the religious fanatics among us.

Lee Nahrgang,

Respect and value all residents

I support, respect and value our first responders, including members of the sheriff's office. But how many more people will Sheriff Murphree anger?

He once again lost his cool on social media with his rant about the bombing in England. (Last year, he posted that he would assault people using the "wrong" bathroom.)

A professional response to the bombing would have been helpful. But our sheriff chose once again to go on social media and post unprofessional, emotional comments.

This included the insulting phrases "crying of the left," "the left tells us we must submit" and "the left wants to cater [to this religious ideology]." (Curiously, the DRC reporter did not address the sheriff's insults in the front page story on May 24 "Murphree faces heat for response to Manchester bombing.")

Has Mr. Murphree forgotten that he is the sheriff for all of Denton County, not just for his "wing" of politics? His response to criticism of his latest rant was "people can be politically correct and try not to hurt people's feelings. ..."

He certainly succeeded in ignoring those two concepts, alienating many citizens of the county.

He is an embarrassment to Denton County and the end of his term will not come soon enough. In the meantime, we hope someone close to him convinces him to try to be more professional, tone down the alarmist rhetoric and get some training in public relations.

The sheriff should respect and value all residents.

David Martin,

Understand needs

A recent letter sheds light on many politicians who like to trumpet a decrease in the tax rate as a tax cut, even when it may in fact represent a significant increase in tax revenue for the taxing authority.

Unfortunately, he also gives the impression that the effective rate and the roll-back rate are lowered only by increases in the appraised value of existing properties.

In fact, the effective rate and roll-back rate are also lowered by revenue generated from new developments, representing population increases.

Most Denton County taxing entities need to set tax rates well above their effective tax rates just to keep pace with rapid population increases.

The insidious feature of the Texas Senate proposals to lower the roll-back rates is that they take no account of population growth, and hence the House was right to resist these proposals.

Denton County and most of its municipalities have been extremely cautious in raising property taxes. The lion's share of the very real property tax increases that cause so much frustration are the result of a significant reduction in Austin's share of school finance in a time of explosive growth in school enrollment.

By all means, attend the meetings of our local taxing authorities and hold your representatives accountable.

But, at the same time, understand the needs created by increased population, and do not forget to hold your elective representatives in Austin, particularly those in the Senate, accountable for their most significant contributions to the problem.

William Cherry,