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Letters to the editor, June 2

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Keep the Rev. Christy Thomas

A recent letter to the editor requested the termination of the Rev. Christy Thomas and her commentary as the Thoughtful Pastor. My plea is to continue her column!

I don't always agree with what she writes, but I find her columns interesting and thought provoking.

She certainly tackles issues that are not usual in religious discussions.

Keeping the column does not mean that her opponents have to read what the the Rev. Thomas writes. But, if the column is not included in our newspaper; others of us won't have the opportunity to read them if we want.

Diane Garcia,

Sad but glad

After the celebration of Memorial Day, remember that the bombing of Pearl Harbor started World War II against Japan.

To find many of the details, there is a book written by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. The title is Killing the Rising Sun.

There is a great deal in it that few know about.

There are some American service members still celebrating Memorial Day, but they are passing at a very high rate. These men and women, some as young as 17, gave their lives to preserve the freedoms that others are trying to take away.

Today it is hard to find those who are called our "Greatest Generation" because they want talk about what they saw happen and personally experienced.

You'll be sad but also glad after reading this book. And you will probably read it at least one more time.

I will shortly start over myself.

James Penton,