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Letters to the editor, June 4

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Simple question

Dr. Burgess, you're on break and your constituency wants to talk to you. It is not possible to meet face to face because there is not a scheduled town hall meeting.

So, I am writing to ask you a simple question.

Since you proposed legislation to revoke Hillary Clinton's security clearance, when can we expect to see you propose legislation to revoke Jared Kushner's security clearance for requesting back-channel communications with Russia and lying in his security clearance application.

Are you only ethically bound to protect our national security if the offender is a Democrat? Security isn't a partisan issue. Do your job.

Dawn Lee,
Hickory Creek

Fabricated bogeymen

David Horowitz' latest diatribe, Big Agenda, President Trump's Plan to Save America, paints with wide, accusatory strokes in outlining his perception of the nation's ills, and who is to blame.

Starting with half the nation's populace, especially people of color, and casting his net to include undocumented or, as he prefers, illegal immigrants, Horowitz' book is basically a rant against all he feels is wrong with America.

I say "feels" because his work is short on objectively verifiable documentation and long on vitriol, saying on Page 83, "To turn around the political battles conservatives have been losing for so long, they must begin every confrontation by punching progressives in the mout," a point he reiterates on Page 142.

Horowitz thumps the drum repeatedly about individualism as the basis for our democracy, conveniently overlooking the fact that government, ipso facto, is not based on individualism, but the community of the whole body politic.

If our nation is only a collection of individuals, then there is no unifying force, no common ground for us to stand on to begin the work of binding up the nation's wounds.

Mr. Horowitz should remember that when he points an accusing finger at so many, three fingers are pointing back at himself.

More introspection on the evils within rather than on fabricated bogeymen from without is called for if we are to move forward as a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, as Lincoln so succinctly observed.

John Zeigler,