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Letters to the editor, June 5

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Editor's note: Noletters to the editor pertaining to the June 10 Denton City Council District 3 runoff election will be published after June 8.

Meltzer best choice

I'm a Dentonite. I'm a Robson Rancher. The two are not mutually exclusive!

Long ago we ruled ourselves purely by loyalty to our tribe, clan, monarch or fiefdom. We abandoned that folly 250 years ago in favor of democratic rule, and accepted the responsibility for thoughtful study and input by citizens and their representatives in pursuit of the greatest good for the greatest number.

A candidate who says he is running only to protect his own tribe is not the right choice for a citywide office in a democracy.

Paul Meltzer began his campaign by asking citizens in his district what was important to them.

He has been to Robson Ranch enumerable times asking that very question, and thoughtfully seeking to understand our concerns and needs so as to best represent us while working for the larger good of all Denton.

Inform yourselves. And ask yourselves which candidate not only demonstrates the integrity and dedication required of the representative democracy in which we live, but which one has taken a genuine interest in our city? Who understands and will represent his entire district and not just his own neighborhood?

For me, a vote for Paul Meltzer for City Council District 3 is a no-brainer.

Catherine Lustgarten,

Letter not appreciated

We live in Robson Ranch and do not appreciate the letter you printed with negative comments about Don Duff. This is a low for your paper.

I would certainly hope that before election day you will print a letter that is negative about Paul so it is clear to your readers that you are not trying to do a hit job on Don.

I know a lot of people think we are rich in Robson Ranch but that is not true for most of us out here.

We are in our late 60s and have worked hard our entire lives. My husband and I both started working when we were 16 and never stopped until we retired.

My husband was a Marine in Vietnam, and after he got out of the service, he got his master's degree while working full time. We saved our money. We started out in a tiny house and traded up several times until we could afford a house at Robson Ranch.

We love the Denton area but are sorry to realize that we are thought of as the rich people at the ranch.

We are voting for Don Duff and we do not appreciate what you have done this week.

Cindy and Joe Buff,

Larger domain of District 3

District 3 City Council candidate Don Duff has put out a paltry, mundane ad that professes he stands with all of Denton. But those who opposed his support of the property tax freeze would probably disagree.

It's probably safe to say that he won't stand with those people who support sanctuary cities or LGBT rights, either.

He mentions the police and fire departments in his newspaper ad but I don't believe the police or firefighters have endorsed his candidacy.

Will they suffer if he "tightens the city budget?" Will funds to give them competitive pay and benefits be negatively affected as a result of his support for the tax freeze on property taxpayers over 65?

Mr. Duff enjoys the privacy that his choice of living gives him in Robson Ranch. But I worry that, if elected, he will not engage the larger domain of District 3 enough to aptly inform citizens there of what he stands for regarding their security and economic needs.

Has anyone outside Robson seen Mr. Duff block-walking their neighborhood like Paul Meltzer has?

District 3 overall is more diverse than Robson Ranch and voters need to weigh how familiar their representative truly is with their neck of the woods.

I fear that Mr. Duff and his promoters have put about as much thought into the critical issues Denton-proper faces as they put into his sparse ad commentary.

Larry Beck,

Duff would be asset on council

The Republican Club here at Robson held a forum for those running for the City Council and my husband and I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Paul Meltzer. We had previously met Don Duff. Mr. Duff and some helpers were the ones who worked their tails off getting enough signatures to get the tax freeze on the ballot.

Texas doesn't have a state income tax, but they more than make it up in property taxes. For those over 65 or handicapped and on a fixed income it becomes very difficult to make ends meet when your property taxes keep going up every year.

Mr. Meltzer and his friends are trying to give the impression that residents of Robson Ranch are wealthy. I'm sure there are some residents with a certain amount of wealth here.

But like most neighborhoods, we have many who aren't close to being wealthy. We also have widows on fixed incomes and many veterans who fought to keep our country free.

My husband worked until age 76 because we didn't have the means to retire. Mr. Meltzer retired at 56.

Do you really think someone who is 56 and retired can put himself in the shoes of seniors who are over 65 and on fixed incomes? Could that be why he didn't support the freeze?

Don Duff will be an asset as a City Council member in District 3. On the other hand, Mr. Meltzer is a smooth talker, maybe too smooth.

Irene Manning,

Make public statement

In Don Duff's mailers and ads in the Denton Record-Chronicle, he most prominently features the phrase "Police and fire departments."

There's not a policy proposal or a position, just an asterisk and the phrase "Police and fire departments."

This gives the impression that, like Gerard Hudspeth, he earned their endorsement. He did not, and Mr. Duff knows this. If this is not the impression he meant to convey, he should make a public statement saying so and acknowledging that he has not received either endorsement.

Gaining votes by misleading people about your associations with those who make sacrifices to serve is not above board. One hopes Mr. Duff has done this unintentionally.

If he does not correct this impression, voters should consider who deserves their trust.

Bonnie Friedman,