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Letters to the editor, June 6

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Editor's note: Noletters to the editor pertaining to the June 10 Denton City Council District 3 runoff election will be published after June 8.

Breath of fresh air

Thank you, DRC, for bringing to your readers a true breath of fresh air through the writings of Christy Thomas. Her ability to give important issues the critical thought that they deserve is truly amazing.

I am grateful for the Rev. Thomas' wisdom and knowledge concerning Scripture.

These thoughtful insights into the milieu in which the Bible was written help one to discover the deep meaning behind the metaphors and fables found there, which in turn lead human beings to a deeper understanding of what it means to be followers of Christ's teachings.

Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her beliefs, but they are not entitled to assume that someone who does not share them is an individual who does not love and honor God.

Thankfully, there are millions of mature people who use their God-given, adult brains to embrace the freedom of being able to discern essential truths through their open-minded intellect and to cherish the love God bestows on us.

Christy Thomas is a shining example of those people.

Catherine Dawson,

Face all the facts

Most of our many supporters in Robson Ranch voted for the tax freeze. This is now settled and done.

The task now before the voters of District 3 is to elect representation best qualified to provide good stewardship of what will inevitably be a tighter city government budget.

My opponent likes to cite as "fact" that the first-year impact of the freeze is estimated at $206,000.

He omits that the very same analysis by the city shows the impact rising steadily over the next 10 years to more than $2.6 million annually.

Avoiding saying it won't keep it from happening. Good multiyear planning is called for.

My opponent also has praised "zero based budgeting," but wrongly defined it as justifying annual budget increases -- exactly what's been done for years that has resulted in rising budgets and property taxes.

We cannot take as a given that what was done in the past was necessarily the most efficient option.

Yes, we must face facts -- all of them.

I agree that we should be able to hold property tax bills steady this coming year and use the opportunity to demonstrate to voters that we can restore fiscal discipline.

We need to keep consolidating administrative overhead and keep funds where they touch citizens.

And we need to deal openly with the public, without cherry-picking data or trying to wish away our challenges.

Some large-organization leadership experience in the mix on council should help.

Paul Meltzer,

Editor's note: Paul Meltzer is a candidate for the District 3 seat on the Denton City Council. Election day is Saturday.