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Letters to the editor, June 8

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Editor's note: Noletters to the editor pertaining to the June 10 Denton City Council District 3 runoff election will be published after June 8.

Give him credit

It's going to take a while, but Donald Trump will eventually be impeached, most likely by a new Congress. And then Mike Pence will pardon Trump just as President Ford pardoned Nixon.

The irony of it is that both Trump and Pence rode in on that Russian horse. They should both be tossed, but it never happens that way.

Another funny thing is that almost everything Trump charged Secretary Clinton with, he was guilty of himself.

But Tweety Trump did keep one campaign promise: He did see a special prosecutor appointed. Gotta give him credit for that.

Jim Stodola,

Beacon of hope

A recent letter to the editor says Indivisible Denton is divisive and that we should be ashamed. This is wrong. At Indivisible, we find fellowship by participating in democratic processes to fight for equality, truth, kindness and integrity.

We gather as patriotic Americans to peacefully lobby our members of Congress by calling, writing letters, visiting their offices and attending town halls.

We stand up for people who will be losing their health insurance and for people whose income will be redistributed to the rich through intense tax cuts. We stand up for responsible stewardship of our climate and natural resources. We stand up for finding the truth about Russia's involvement in our elections.

We stand against a president who places self-enrichment over duty and service. We stand against a president who praises and worships murderous dictators like Putin and Duterte, while undermining a world order responsible for the longest period of global peace in the history of the modern world.

We at Indivisible Denton are peaceful, regular folks who pool our modest energy and talent to create a beacon of hope in a dark time.

Sheriff Murphree's Facebook post from May 20 has over 6,000 comments, most of them spewing contempt for liberals. His post is a dark cesspool of division and yet the sheriff seems to enjoy having it up on his personal Facebook page that is open to the public.

Our sheriff should be held accountable for his contributions to division in our community.

Sarah Gamblin,