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Letters to the editor, June 9

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Continual racial bigotry

Trump is trying to undo the Obama administration's policies concerning opening Cuba to U.S. business and travel. "As the president has said, the current Cuba policy is a bad deal. It does not do enough to support human rights in Cuba," White House spokesman Michael Short said.

This, of course, is said right after Trump has returned from his trip to the Middle East and bowing down to Saudi King Salma bin Abdul Aziz.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records on earth. The irony of this would be hilarious if it were not so incredibly serious for the United States and Cuba. The obvious reason for this action is the continual racial bigotry of the Trump administration and the Republican Party. Everything President Obama accomplished during his administration is to be undone.

Bob James,

Modern-day ministers

James Mann wrote an article titled, "After change will churches find voice again?" [DRC, June 2] Mr. Mann represents what is wrong with modern-day clergy. I actually experienced the 1950s, and I remember begging our ministers to let us know how they voted.

Their response was, "Mankind's problems are spiritual, and they require spiritual, not political, answers."

Modern-day ministers have told me that if they would teach a spiritual message, telling the people of their sins, people would stop coming. It is far easier to present a non-judgmental "Santa God," who is anxious to make their unchanged lives easier.

Jesus resisted Satan's temptation of vast political power. Modern-day ministers love idolatry of political power, which they couple with a love of money from their white, male contributors whom they are anxious to mollify, easily abandoning biblical mandates.

As a result, their followers are spiritually blind, actually believing that Donald Trump is a Christian. Putting such a man in the White House is an abomination that causes desolation.

The founders of Christianity had jobs. Jesus was a carpenter; St. Peter, a fisherman; and St. Paul, a tentmaker. Modern-day ministers do not work. Mr. Mann wants hard-working taxpayers to support political chicanery in the churches.

Walter Lindrose,

Unscrupulous contractors

I urge everyone -- especially seniors and the disabled -- to pay heed to warnings about unscrupulous contractors. I made the mistake of not doing this.

I used a contractor that had done tile work and painting for me twice before with no complaints. This last time, he built a new deck for me. He left our supports on the flooring and the railings are warping because of insufficient bracing.

I confronted him and he told me he would return to the job with "my good crew." It never happened.

I urge everyone to be careful of contractors who portray themselves as skilled in several trades. One who takes advantage of a previous customer has no conscience or morals. I learned my lesson.

Dan Christian,