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Letters to the editor, June 11

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Vital visas

President Trump's increased scrutiny of visas for skilled foreign workers can be very harmful to our economy.

These visas are vital to the tech industry because of the shortage of Americans trained in science and engineering. Many of the foreigners who get these visas go on to found companies here in America, thereby creating American jobs.

It is a big mistake to reduce the number of skilled foreign workers coming to our country.

Bob Michaelsen,

Feed the children

This is regarding the June 6 DRC news article reporting breakfast and lunch government meals for children.

You report that 28 percent of Texas parents are unable to provide breakfast and lunch for their children. What is that number for Denton?

In the not-so-distant past, parents who did not feed their children were charged with child neglect and the children were removed from the home. Having children has consequences and responsibilities, and feeding them is one of them.

I assume that most of the 28 percent are also on food stamps and other welfare programs and yet they are still unable to feed their children?

Are there no consequences for neglect today? Is this now the model parents are setting for their children in how to parent? Can you think of a better way to develop an unhealthy dependency on government than using taxpayer money to feed children.

But perhaps that is the desired goal. How unfortunate and un-American.

Edward Handley,

Unclear about loyalty

Our president is unclear about loyalty as it relates to working within our government. Those who work for the U.S. government pledge their loyalty to the nation, the whole people of the United States and its Constitution, and not to this or that individual or special-interest group.

Mr. Trump is accustomed to working in a different world -- the world of business where CEOs are beholden to only a specific subset of people, without regard to the whole body politic or the Constitution.

John D. Zeigler,