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Letters to the editor, June 17

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Unnecessary death

Congratulations to Don Duff, who, like another one of our so-called leaders, apparently ran more to spite his opponent than out of a sincere desire to serve the citizenry.

I am grateful that others serve on the council out of civic duty and responsibility, something that seems foreign to Duff, according to his public postures.

With only 7.69 percent of eligible voters voting in the runoff, he can hardly call that a mandate. Nor can any politician of any stripe declare a mandate with such low turnout.

People fought and died for our right to vote, for representation and self-determination. When voting becomes a bothersome bore, an inconvenience, then real democracy dies a neglected and unnecessary death.

Clay Thurmond,

Wrong-headed view

Michael Burgess' recent video address that supported Donald Trump's pullout of the Paris accord on climate change was troubling.

The congressman stated that adhering to the Paris accord would be "a detriment to our economy and job growth."

Yes, merchants of doubt paid by the fossil fuel industry report that reducing our carbon footprint will cost U.S. jobs.

But equal or better arguments by experts in clean-energy fields debunk this notion and point to increasing job creation by expanding the wind and solar energy sectors.

Dr. Burgess, I assume, is an educated man. He does after all have a degree to practice medicine as an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Surely he has the critical thinking skills to look at both sides of an issue and make an informed decision based on peer-reviewed research from 97 percent of the climate scientists who affirm that it is "very likely" man's actions are causing global warming through our use of fossil fuels, factory farming and destruction of forests.

It's disappointing that someone with the mental capacity to distinguish the forest from the trees chooses instead to follow the wrong-headed view of Trump and the GOP leadership that declares man-made global warming is a hoax.

Larry Beck,