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Letters to the editor, June 26

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Misplaced priorities

The Athlon sports magazine in the DRC notes that the University of Texas has hired a football coach for $28.75 million and that each player has a $10,500 stainless steel locker with a 43-inch monitor.

Meanwhile, the state of Texas is ranked 47th from the top by Education Week. Has our education system lost its way?

Dolores Vann,

Hellish prisons

A recent correspondent decried the Trump administration for getting tougher on Castro's Cuba. I assume he doesn't have a relative wallowing in Castro's hellish prisons for wanting freedom for the island.

Progressives instinctively don't understand that the kind of despotism found in North Korea or Cuba cannot be changed by love and kisses.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tried that for Bill Clinton, clinking champagne glasses with North Korea's dictator, and look how far that got us.

Paul Knopick,