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Letters to the editor, June 28

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Best justice system

I just finished my 12th trial as a juror. I am 65 years old. I cannot express the incredibly strong feelings of accomplishment, patriotism and community service.

I spent three days of my time to make a difference in the lives of so many others. Three days to listen, weigh and visually experience the workings of our judicial system and be an integral part of it.

Is it easy? No.

Will it rip at your heartstrings? Just might.

Will you feel the intense pain of those perpetrated against? Absolutely.

Will deliberation be a cakewalk? No way. But maybe you'll realize the difference between TV shows and real life jurisprudence.

You are a juror, one of 12 peers destined to hold the scales of justice in your hands and your hands only.

The words "jury duty" fit together like ham and eggs. Our system of justice is founded on it.

Although flawed, the jury system is the best justice system on this planet next to God's personal involvement.

A jury of 12 Americans, who with no knowledge of one another or the case, come together as one.

What an honor!

I was proud to serve alongside my fellow jurors and I have a new respect and admiration for the high calling of jurors and those professionals who work for our American system of justice.

J. Aaron Cundall,