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Letters to the editor, July 6

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Paying taxes

A July 3 letter to the editor stated that the top 20 percent of earners pay 84 percent of all taxes. In fact, these folks pay 84 percent of all federal income taxes.

If you were to consider all of the other taxes that people pay, their percentage would be much smaller.

It is also worth mentioning that the top 20 percent of earners receive approximately 70 percent of all income, which makes the 84 percent appear much more reasonable.

The letter also states that the bottom 20 percent pay no taxes. In fact, they pay no federal income taxes.

However, they do pay a lot of Social Security, Medicare, gasoline, sales and property taxes. Economists are unanimous that even renters pay property taxes, as these taxes are passed on to them by the landlord.

When all of the taxes in our system are considered, I cannot see how anyone can argue that the top 20 percent are being treated unfairly.

If we want a society where everyone has an opportunity, then the present level of taxes is inadequate, and tax cuts are the last thing we need.

Bob Michaelsen,