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Letters to the editor, July 7

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Noxious airborne pollutants

Denton is building an Energy Center after city leadership decided to obligate our community to a $265 million bill to fund and construct a huge gas-fired power generating station.

All the while, DME touts it is leaving fossil fuel energy generation behind so it can embrace renewable energy sources like wind and solar for a good future for Denton and Texas.

Yeah right! DME won't tell you how much your rates are going to increase or how much the Denton air pollution index will rise once those 12 gas-fired engines get cranked up.

I can tell you from personal experience that the prevailing winds (west to east) will be blowing more CO2 and other noxious airborne pollutants into Denton than you are currently enjoying.

Mayor Chris Watts has joined up with a plethora of other mayors around the country to embrace clean-energy generation. But he and our City Council members are totally hypocritical of own town where secrecy reigns supreme at DME's Denton Energy Center, which will combine with pollution coming from Dallas and Midlothian.

Denton will lead America as the most air-polluted city in the nation. Wow, now that's something to put on the front cover of the "Come to Denton" propaganda magazines. Anyone wanna buy a military surplus gas mask? I understand Scott Pruitt has a roadside stand in Oklahoma selling them cheap.

J. Aaron Cundall,