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Letters to the editor, July 8

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Higher degree of certainty

Thanks to the Denton County commissioners for approving the purchase of new voting equipment as recommended by the county elections administrator.

These new machines will have a positive effect on upcoming elections in several ways.

First, each individual ballot will be printed for the voter, eliminating the danger of some voters being given the wrong ballots. Second, these paper ballots are faster and easier for voters to peruse and mark with their choices. Three, these marked ballots will be counted quickly electronically. Fourth, those paper ballots are so much easier to re-count in case that is needed for any close race.

As the retired Denton County Republican Party chairwoman, I have had to deal with several recounts during my term, and with the paper ballots, it went much more quickly and with a higher degree of certainty for those candidates involved.

With Denton County Election Administrator Frank Phillips back on the job, there should be extensive training resulting in no misprogrammed machines or counted ballots being mixed with uncounted ones in future elections.

As a longtime advocate for this kind of voting machines, I am delighted that Denton County will be providing a more accurate and efficient voting method for our citizens.

Dianne Edmondson,