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Letters to the editor, July 11

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Fake media types

Note to Leonard Pitts: Your column on the July 7 opinion page is titled "Something has gone truly wrong with GOP."

The only problem the GOP has had is trying to find the time to debunk the "fake news" put out by your media buddies and by the Chuck Schumers of the fake Democratic Party.

There is the biggest "silent" collusion ever pulled over the citizens of the United States in order to impeach President Trump. The GOP had their eyes open.

When Queen Hillary was defeated, the Democrats bawled like babies with wet diapers. Some of them still are. Pampers stock is still climbing!

Mr. Pitts, when has the GOP ever gone "right" in your opinion? They had to at some point in order for them to be "wrong" at this point. Right? You fake media types even lie to yourselves.

You ripped your pants on this one.

Oh, I was about to forget Kathleen Parker on the same page. No use taking up more space. Only difference between her and Pitts is that she ripped her skirt when she bent over.

James Penton, Denton