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Letters to the editor, July 15

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Things don't 'just happen'

An unidentified scientist being interviewed about the break-off of the huge ice shelf in Antarctica said it was not the result of global warming, but that such events "just happen" with icebergs that have formed over water. Something caused the huge ice shelf to break off.

Things do not "just happen." To so state is a poor excuse for a scientific explanation. It is easy to say what something is not without corroborating evidence, but the hard work lies in finding out and saying what caused the effect.

We need more hard work and fewer illogical pronouncements.

John Zeigler,


Beyond reason

Texas has already conducted "experiments" on women's health by withdrawing funding from Planned Parenthood affiliates. One measurable effect has been an increase in pregnancies covered by Medicaid. See: Effect of Removal of Planned Parenthood from the Texas Women's Health Program, by Amanda J. Stevenson, M.A., Imelda M. Flores-Vazquez, Ph.D., Richard L. Allgeyer, Ph.D., Pete Schenkkan, J.D., and Joseph E. Potter, Ph.D. in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 3, 2016.

The Republican Congress — including Texas' John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Pete Sessions and Michael Burgess — has not only demonstrated a callous disregard for the health of women and children, but also short-sighted fiscal policy.

The efficacy of voluntary birth control in preventing unwanted pregnancies, and of cancer screening for early detection and treatment are not in question. The question is why the Republican Congress would want to create the near certainty of harm to women's health and lives, and of increased Medicaid expenses, with their targeted and vicious attack on Planned Parenthood. This goes beyond reason.

Joan Waller,