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Letters to the editor, July 16

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True and lasting change

A recent column in the DRC, "Making better choices on beverages can lead to healthier lifestyle," fails to note that federal data on the U.S. diet shows unequivocally that consumption of beverages with sugar is not a unique driver of obesity.

Obesity has been going up steadily for years while soda consumption has been going down steadily. Shouldn't obesity rates have gone down with the reduction in soda consumption if the two are connected?

Nonetheless, Texas beverage companies share the goal of strong, healthy communities, which is why we are investing our energy and resources in comprehensive efforts to meaningfully address complex health challenges like obesity. We are driving a reduction in the sugar and calories consumed from beverages across America — engaging with prominent public health and community organizations in this effort.

We are providing more choices with less sugar or no sugar at all, clear calorie labels on the front of all of our products and the encouragement to cut back on sugar and calories from beverages with calorie awareness signs on company-controlled vending machines, fountain equipment and retail coolers nationwide.

Initiatives like these are what will drive true and lasting change here in Texas and across our nation.

Katherine McLane,


EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms. McLane is a spokesperson for the Texas Beverage Association, an industry group that represents soft drink manufacturers and marketers.

Consider land use

Much has been written about Denton Municipal Electric's plan to build gas-fired power plants and the fact they are not "clean energy." So let's consider land use for other power:

1. The Ivanpah Solar Field is 3,500 acres and generates 392 megawatts of power. 2. A nuclear plant uses 100 acres and generates 1,000 megawatts. 3. A coal-fired plant needs 800 acres and generates 1,600 megawatts. 4. Two gas-fired plants use 50 acres and generate 1,000 megawatts of power.

So, if I have done the math correctly:

Solar: 0.11 megawatts per acre. Nuclear: 10 megawatts per acre. Coal: 2 megawatts per acre. Gas: 20 megawatts per acre.

The Ivanpah Field in the Mojave Desert, California, kills one bird, called streamers, every two minutes as they fly through the solar mirrors. (Source: The Heartland Institute, June 2017, Vol. 20 No. 5.) So where is PETA?

It appears that the gas-fired power plants are the most efficient in terms of land use, or would you like to cover up farm land that produces food? We are already burning our food supply in 10 percent of our gasoline.

Choices? Missing is wind, but that gobbles up land and kills the birds, too.

John Green,

Hickory Creek

Women before politics

Planned Parenthood is a much-needed service. Many women would not have access to basic health screenings if the program is defunded. Think about the women of America before politics, please.

Brenda Tillman,